Day 2

25 Jun

I decided that I wanted to attend TED in order that I might speak with others there in regard to an idea that I have that could spread patient access profoundly. This would also have an impact on Care coordination/ Care Plan Oversight. This idea will also greatly reduce cost an greatly increase patient care while reducing the potential for mistakes.

I thought why the hell not! I have worked with Primary care and small independent medical practices and it pains me to say but most patients do not good very good oversight from there primary physician and we all not that all over the globe there are people dieing of disease states that are highly treatable.

I think mine is a unique story in that I am not a Medical Practitioner, I am not a Dr. I have no more than a medium level of IT knowledge and no design experience except for designing programs for Orgs.
I do although have a passion for helping others and a desire to help everyone receive health care that is effective and contains built in prevention elements. I am also strong at marketing and social development and hope to use these skills for developing comprehensive outreach.
I can be reached at
Twitter #helpmegettoTedTalks #raywoodwouldu


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