Rambling Ray

25 Jun

Rambling Ray

Does your Primary Care Doctor Provide Care Plan Oversight?

I talk with Drs everyday and I hear alot of worry and concern about rates of re-reimbursement, about Health care Legislation, about the cost to run a practice, about how they cant afford to take Medicaid patients, on and on, but I have never entered into a conversation with a Doc, that I did not start, that is about Care Plan Oversight let alone patient care. 

As today’s independent Physicians struggle to make it they are reaching out more and more to marketing and development. Do you want new Patients ads are all over the internet.

Why not just focus on providing real sustained Care Plan Oversight?

Some Dr’s make calls to other Dr’s which involves staff on both ends making phone calls, sitting on hold and then a very brief conversation usually related to why the patient was referred. That’s the extent of your Care Plan Oversight !

We could change this and save billions of dollars while dramatically your level of Health Care and others access to Health Care.

The Technology and Design are already there we just need the right idea with the enough people behind it to make a difference.



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