Day 3 Who Is TED and whats this all about

27 Jun

Ladies and Gentlemen the number 1 asked question among my followers is what is TED closely followed by whats this all about. I have come to find out just how important these questions are and an opportunity for me to let people know more about TED Talks

I also find my loved ones asking why would U want to do this. As if some how my lack of advanced education,  would disqualify me or any one else being involved in important discussions about this small planet we live on. I wonder how many people feel they are not important enough or smart enough  to talk with thought leaders in any given field?

I recently watched a Ted Talk given by Amy Tan #AMYTAN :  ) on the subject of how we create   Amy mentions something important, in a playful manner, that childhood Trauma leads to creativity and I completely agree. I also think that she is more serious about this then she lets the audience know.

I grew up with braces on my legs, a lack of ability to talk appropriately, and a home life filled with rage and insecurity. I have always had to learn to do things in different ways and to actively apply action to my ideas. When I had to learn how to think differently in order to play Baseball, or to learn or to write or to speak to others or to not get a beating. or to help another family member not get beat up, I honestly think my wiring is different.

I have always carried a question with me from my childhood, Why couldn’t I?, and it has defined me and although that sense sometimes is very distant. it is always there. I firmly believe that there was a reason that I came across my first TED Talk and that I immediately thought I had to get to TED talks. I just had to find a way.

So here I sit banging away at this keyboard!

and by the way WHY CAN’T I ? an TY Amy :  )


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