Day 4 a right turn at Albuquerque

28 Jun

My Warner Brothers addled brain seems to want to relate experiences by catch phrases of Warner Brothers Cartoon Characters. Many times I have felt like the Wile E. Coyote who lands in the middle of the Mine field he set and goes from one Explosion to the next :  )

At other times I understand why I am getting blasted from one thing to the next. Which finally leads me to todays journey. I woke up from a terrible dream about ants being all over me guess that Ted Talks   probably was not a good idea to fall asleep while watching this :  )

I drifted to the computer and found some Blogs to follow and was immediately struck by this blog and realized that someone is guiding me toward TED and guiding toward others that have pushed through personal difficulties and traumas and life altering experiences. I am suppose to write some drible about about how the journey is worth more than the arrival, but I don’t want to and U can’t make me. :  )

I have found today to be one of the most enlightening days an I have learned alot about myself and why I want to make this journey. I truly, maybe naively, think that we could provide Health Care to every one with the tools that are already in place. I also strongly feel that I could help to make a difference, that darn WHY CAN’T I thing keeps coming back to mind.

I must be crazy, but if I put my dream out here the wind may pick it up and who knows how far it could travel. #helpmegettoTEDtalks

Thank you Dr Shin :  ) Dr.Shin


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