The Limbs are piling up

29 Jun

I have relationships with multiple physicians and clinics that treat patients with wounds. I also work with many patients and families who are dealing with neuropathies caused mostly by type II Diabetes.

It saddens me that so many people are losing their limbs and digits and ultimately their lives. I often notice they have been seeing primary care physicians and have been treated for multiple wounds in the past, but seldom when I speak to these patients have they had any diabetes education.

Many complain about the high cost of diabetes education and that their insurance won’t cover it. Many have seen friends and loved ones losing a leg or foot and want a way out of this cycle.

How can we impact the lifestyles of patients with diabetes. We all know that lack of a compliance is  incredibly expensive, but is it because someone is just not aware or is it just a way for physicians to say I tried?

We can do a much better job of educating diabetic patients and offer real solutions to lifestyle related non-compliance. Its not rocket science.

Of course we can continue with this current course and hospitals  and surgery centers can make tons of money and the limbs will continue to pile up.


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