Health Care applications for cutting edge TED

1 Jul


It’s official Im a TEDDY, as I sit here with a dry mouth and a brain bursting with data. I have watched a lot of TED videos, read a lot of posts and devoured just about everything TED I could get my hands on. It is all so exciting to me.

The thought that you can have an Idea that is built upon through in an open source environment. Some of the top minds in their fields are willing to collaborate. What a crazy wonderful, ” Idea worth Spreading” . I started off my adventure to get to TED one central thought in mind, what if people who were actively involved in Provider development and Health Care development were involved with the people at TED. I began to ask myself, That I know an MA or 2 who could tell you immediately how they could apply your technology.


I have been involved in software roll outs and services lay outs for Health Care Applications, and I always wonder: Who was it that thought Health Care providers would actually use this? Don’t get me wrong I am not one to put down others efforts, but I do think to myself that we need to have, day to day, One  thousand patient a week providers involved earlier. I also mean not only Physicians but also physician extenders, Medical assistants, nurses, billers, everyone! I go into Family Practice offices and find that there is no one using technology available that companies spent millions to develop.. It’s so bad that  a lot of times these offices would have already purchased the technology and just never implemented because it was either too damn hard or was not a useful tool for the application the physicians office wanted to use it for. I also find that these front line providers are reluctant to use technology. I swear I have heard Dr’s say, ” that shit don’t work”, and frankly sometimes they are right. I have seen many times that the best software is priced in a manner that is only affordable to hospitals or large groups> Primary care offices are using software and technology that is at least 10 yrs old. and was not really up to the job 10yrs ago.


Electronic Medical Recording or EMR was suppose to be the savior riding in to modernize the practice of medicine. Lots of Physicians jumped into that water and got ate the F up. I go in to work with a Dr’s office and find 11yrs worth of charts, Do any of you really comprehend how many patients that represents and how many files that is? Even the Dr’s offices that are using EMR are using it like a toddler uses a crayon or how we humans think with only a small percentage of our computing power. Data Base,  we dont have none of them, I have heard.  Which is funny to me, but sad for us all. I like to ask this question early on, ” could you look me up adults 35-64 with these markers for this disease state” , It’s Fly Catchin Time,, Baby lol Mouths agape, Bewildered, Befuddled, Bamboozled  trust me when I say That Shit Don’t Work! Image

Here comes the biggest myth: That Health Care providers will use EMR to positively impact patient care or God forbid, Care Plan Oversight/ or CPO. At best its a fancy way to remind providers who to send a birthday card to!

#helpmegettoTed’s top ten Funniest yet sad list ( things I see everyday)

10. Copiers with 50 different applications it faxes it scans it dices and chops.

9. Demographic patient print outs for Dr’s ,that they use prior to entering exam rooms, that contain barely more then the patient name.

8. Dr’s and staff pecking away with mouses on touch screen monitors.

7. Staff members devoted for hours to inserting pages into patient folders.

6. Patient Folders, I mean really Patient Folders?

5. Patients carrying around to docs their imaging discs

4. Dr’s not being able to open said discs.

3. Patients dragging their ass into a Dr’s office to test blood levels.

2. Hand Held devices for triage ( Blood Pressures, temperatures etc..) not linked to data.

and the number one position goes to

1. Sales reps talking to Dr’s about operation and not talking to staff.


We love to sit around and tell our tells of Ignorant users, as we smuggly swill Starbucks. What I said above was not the proverbial finger, ( not that one either) , pointed at Providers and staff, its pointed directly at you the developers. That’s it I said it, what a weight lifted off my chest.

But even that finger is probably pointed a bit wrong the people that put up the money for said development probably are due their share of the finger pointing

We can change patient care forever and we have to look at it as if we could revolutionize the day to day delivery of Primary Care and truly implement care plan oversight. If we can collide particles together at speed approaching the speed of light  We need a giant health care collider with ideas representing particles spinning around magnets powered by Physicians and support staff, and deeply examine the particles that come off of these collisions.

Wow you are saying that this is like Particle Physics, way to complex to pull off successfully and I tell you we currently have all the pieces in place to develop the practical tools. We just have to have #IDEASWORTHSHARING

Please help me get to TED, I know that I can help us impact the worlds health care. and before you say “Take your Meds” you better learn to take Health Care as a Practice not a Practice. :  )

#helpmegettoted pass this along repost, reblog, broadcast we can use these tools to if nothing else plant a seed, but I bet WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!






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