Dr. Who ?

11 Jul

I had a conversation with a family practice D.O. the other day, about how will she survive and sadly it is a common conversation for independent physicians.  Many family practice doctors are faced with some very tough choices when it comes to their practices and their ability to compete with hospital based groups and still offer the patient care levels they hope to. Dr’s today not only have to be an expert in their specialty but also on billing, coding,staffing,marketing,accounting, legal, HIPPA, state and federal rules, Insurance, really the list goes on and on.  I here Dr’s saying all the time I am not sure how long I can continue this and if I want to. I got into medicine to treat patients and to help others. I did not pursue my education so that I can spend the majority of my time dealing with all this crap and not medicine.  Every minute I spend on other things is a minute that could have been spent on patient care and prevention. They are sick of the state of Health Care today!

I read today about the Prevention Councils action plan,  http://www.hhs.gov/news/press/2012pres/06/20120613a.html Didn’t you see it in the news ? No I didn’t either. Funny thing is I don’t see anything that actually has to do with the day to day practice of medicine. That probably does not mean it is not there it just is not highlighted I imagine. I think it is wonderful to have conversations about how to prevent chronic disease, but conversations that do not have to do with the day to day application of medicine are leaving out the most critical part of prevention the Primary Care Physician that no one seems to talk about.

I strongly believe that the answer to preventions lies with Technology and Design and there potential impact on day to day medicine.




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