Houla massacre: Video footage of battle that killed more than 100 as Syria faces all-out civil war | Mail Online. How can we sit by and allow this?

12 Jul



Brian Goldman: Doctors make mistakes. Can we talk about that?

12 Jul


How much do medical mistakes cost? 19.5 Billion per year study-puts-cost-of-medical-errors-at-195-billion This linkw will lead you to an interesting article on the costs of medical errors.

How can we fix a problem that is systemic.?

I have worked with many practices that have put no thought into prevention of errors and find that talking to physicians and medical staff about mistakes is like talking about abortion or politics. NO ONE WANTS TALK ABOUT IT! As if somehow the mere mention of errors would somehow make them happen.

I have seen investigations into medical errors and they are not singular in nature meaning that multiple parties are involved in most mistakes and a recurring theme always comes up: Not listening to patients and caregivers.

How can we change the mindset that the patient does not know what they are talking about when it comes to their own health?

How do we heal Healthcare and should we have thought of prevention?

12 Jul

We seem to be able to point out the faults of medicine, but how can we help our providers and patients better prevent and treat disease states.


It is more than treating symptoms

12 Jul

The reality of aging

Is regenerative medicine a real answer?

Noncompliance Costs

12 Jul

We can change this forever http://alignmap.com/noncompliance-fact-fiction/costs/

Health Issues — Global Issues

12 Jul

#helpmegettoTe d we can change this now. http://www.globalissue s.org/issue/587/health-issues #helpmegettoTed we can change this now. We already have the technology and design. #TED #tedtalks #ideasworthsharing

KevinMD.comWhy patients don’t value primary care doctors

11 Jul