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What if ?

13 Jul


We can change Health Care forever !


It is more than treating symptoms

12 Jul

The reality of aging

Is regenerative medicine a real answer?

Noncompliance Costs

12 Jul

We can change this forever http://alignmap.com/noncompliance-fact-fiction/costs/

Nirmalya Kumar: India’s invisible innovation | Video on TED.com

5 Jul

Health Care Now U see it, Now U don’t

4 Jul

I once read that Magic was the act of making people look one way as you are doing things another.
I sit here this morning thinking to myself that why is no one talking about the act of Health Care instead of a health care act ? I am not much on conspiracies, but I do wonder if there is a reason we are looking away from the core issue of Health Care?
Is patient care and treatment just hard to look at ?
Is Health Care just a dry Subject?
Is there power related to the access, quality, quantity of Health Care?

If it is established science that Prevention and proper care management results in the best outcomes, then why are we not directly talking about how to implement these measures?

Let’s say you are a multi billion Dollar/Euro company that profits from one particular medical procedure or from multiple medical procedures being performed. Is it good for business if patients no longer need that procedure due to prevention? Now lets say you are the Hospital or Surgery Center that these procedures are performed at. Is it in your interest for patients to not need those procedures as much? Now let say,,, I think you can see where I am heading.
If it is more profitable for you to be sick then guess what you will be more sick. Do you know how many Health Care Providers / Companies base practice decisions on the procedures that they can bill the most for and often involve the least amount of time per patient.
It is my wish that we could gather together TED and the day to day providers of health care and lock politics out of the discussion and talk frankly about the act of Health care and not the Affordable Health Care Act.

Patient Noncompliance Statistics │ AssistMed

3 Jul

http://www.assistmed.com/products-patient-adherence-patient-non-compliance-statistics/ How can we change this? #helpmegettoTed

The Limbs are piling up

29 Jun

I have relationships with multiple physicians and clinics that treat patients with wounds. I also work with many patients and families who are dealing with neuropathies caused mostly by type II Diabetes.

It saddens me that so many people are losing their limbs and digits and ultimately their lives. I often notice they have been seeing primary care physicians and have been treated for multiple wounds in the past, but seldom when I speak to these patients have they had any diabetes education.

Many complain about the high cost of diabetes education and that their insurance won’t cover it. Many have seen friends and loved ones losing a leg or foot and want a way out of this cycle.

How can we impact the lifestyles of patients with diabetes. We all know that lack of a compliance is  incredibly expensive, but is it because someone is just not aware or is it just a way for physicians to say I tried?

We can do a much better job of educating diabetic patients and offer real solutions to lifestyle related non-compliance. Its not rocket science.

Of course we can continue with this current course and hospitals  and surgery centers can make tons of money and the limbs will continue to pile up.