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I just had to let it go

14 Jul


I guess I am Crazy, I still think I can make a difference. My friends and family would not understand my desire to got to #TEDTalks, Just like they did not understand my desire to make a documentary and just because I failed there is no reason not to try.  As far as I can tell life is about the trying maybe you can use that last line either way. When you grow up poor you don’t get choices you get reality and somehow we have to move and progress.

Dream Qualifications

I’m not sure there are any qualifications for a dream and why should there be. I never understood not trying. I learned early to acquiesce to a mad man and choices were luxuries that none of us could afford. Your only choice was get beat up or get someone else beat, either way someone was getting beat. I use to play this game with myself.  I called it, “invisible”  in which the object of the game was to get as close to invisible as possible and believe me if you chose to but I came as close to invisible as humanly possible. I had lots of choices in my head and I could travel to them in my mind. No one had to tell me to sit still it was nearly impossible to do anything else. You learn stillness early it settles you and yet is so uncomfortable,. Always waiting for the other shoe to drop or fist or belt or spoon or whatever was at hand. I suppose all writing is cathartic, but I feel qualified for my dreams.

Same as Not

I discovered early in my childhood that I was different and I don’t mean like I was weird. I just mean that my mind was wired different. I saw beauty in things easily, I knew I had value, I knew I had worth and although the harshness of my environment changed me, it did not change me for the worse. I have fought my feelings but again not how you might think. I fight that there was value in my childhood. That somehow someone would win if I acknowledged my own growth. It’s a bitter pill to swallow to associate your own strength with the abuse provided by another. I often find still I put out my feelers quickly and have a decent sense of people although the curse is you never know to what measure. I might feel someone is negative and not out for my good, but you don’t know to what measure. I have had to learn to love my differences and learned to realize I have a very unique perspective, so the sameness I craved I just had to let it go.

Spiritual Emergency

I have been drawn into health care for a reason and all though I am not a clinician I certainly feel that my dream of helping to change the nature of health care is a part of my tribulations. I see and meet so many wonderful people who are faced with such terrible basic health care, for most there is no basic health care and the only thing treated is urgent or emergent. I hear providers say, ” this patient is never going to comply”, and I always wonder to myself, ” then why take that course” .  I have come to believe that our crisis in health care is not only that patients are dieing but that providers are dieing as well. There desire to care for others is slowly drifting out of their own practice of medicine. I know we can rescue the spirit of health care providers I feel strongly that if given the tools and the chance most providers would flourish and the state of health care would dramatically improve. Somewhere inside me I know that there is a reason I try and get involved. I know what it feels like to have a damaged spirit and I know how to help people out of it. We can change anything we want to. Take back our health and say no more am I going to be a code, No longer will I sit back and allow this suffering.

We Don’t Have To

I have an idea of getting primary providers involved with cutting edge technology and design to reinvigorate their spirit of health care and to create medicine that is effective and prevention based, provides better access , and is more cost effective. It’s simple and achievable. we live in a world of Technology and design impacts are lives more times then most people realize. What if we were to think about medical applications first and then bring it to design. It seems to me that utilizing the latest technology should not be based on the technology first with medical applications being an after thought or a money grab. We could  get together thought leaders in multiple fields and create from the perspective of care delivery.


An idea worth sharing is what I have and I know that probably people better qualified than I am on paper but when it comes to the outreach and development I will give anyone a run for their money. My dreams may not be qualified but that does not reduce their potential impact.

Please help me get to Ted Talks, repost, republish, tell anyone, tell everyone, I know u can all have an impact in your own small way.

I can be contacted directly at helpmegettoTedTalks@yahoo.om

Don’t qualify your dreams



How do we heal Healthcare and should we have thought of prevention?

12 Jul

We seem to be able to point out the faults of medicine, but how can we help our providers and patients better prevent and treat disease states.


Day 7 Care Plan Oversight

2 Jul

I have been paying attention to the recent discussions on The Affordable Care Act and the medias coverage of the supreme court ruling. One thing strikes me as odd in all these talks, whose actually talking about the impact on patient care?

Just look over there while I do it.

I wonder if somewhere someone sits twisting their mustache, while laughing maniacally. Every moment spent talking about the act and not talking about patient care is a wasted moment.

I want to hear and read lively conversation on how to improve patient care.  Thats what this is all about, right ? How can I get better when I’m sick?   While Homer Simpson was studying not hitting his thumb he accidentally bashed himself in the eye instead.

Who is talking about primary care?

Who is talking about Care Plans much less Care Plan Oversight/CPO?

In my mind the only way to effectively control cost is to effectively treat patients.  Care plan Oversight/ CPO is the key.

care plan,

n strategies designed to guide health care professionals involved with patient care. Such plans are patient specific and are meant to address the total status of the patient. Care plans are intended to ensure optimal outcomes for patients during the course of their care.
I found this definition in a medical dictionary and thought I would share. When we talk about Care Plans we have to talk about managing Care Plans which is called Care Plan Oversight.
A good way to understand CPO is to think along these lines. Your Doctor orders blood work and then lets you know of the results and gives you options on how to treat any condition indicated,, that is care plan oversight/CPO. Now lets say you have an indication of Cardio Vascular issues, your Primary care Doctor refers you to a Cardiologist and then they work you up and the same scenario as before plays out, except this time your Primary care Doctor and the specialist should work up a Plan of Care together. Because ultimately there needs to be somewhere there to direct things medically and advise you on your options and it should be your Family doctor. Don’t get me wrong they do not tell the specialist what to do they help you implement what the specialist is indicating and fit that treatment into an existing Care plan.
Would you do a core part of your job if no one paid you for it?
Well guess what no one pays for it and the few like Medicare that do, Doctors are either afraid to bill for it or know if they bill for it they will have to be accountable.  When the accountability for Care Plan Oversight could be the easiest part of CPO. We could say billions if we could foster Care Plan Oversight and heres the good news !
We have the Technology and Design we just have to have an #IDEAWORTHSHARING
#helpmegettoTed so many medical applications for design and technology that already exist.

Day 4 a right turn at Albuquerque

28 Jun

My Warner Brothers addled brain seems to want to relate experiences by catch phrases of Warner Brothers Cartoon Characters. Many times I have felt like the Wile E. Coyote who lands in the middle of the Mine field he set and goes from one Explosion to the next :  )

At other times I understand why I am getting blasted from one thing to the next. Which finally leads me to todays journey. I woke up from a terrible dream about ants being all over me guess that Ted Talks http://www.ted.com/talks/lang/en/deborah_gordon_digs_ants.html   probably was not a good idea to fall asleep while watching this :  )

I drifted to the computer and found some Blogs to follow and was immediately struck by this blog http://matrixtimes.com/author/#comment-219 and realized that someone is guiding me toward TED and guiding toward others that have pushed through personal difficulties and traumas and life altering experiences. I am suppose to write some drible about about how the journey is worth more than the arrival, but I don’t want to and U can’t make me. :  )

I have found today to be one of the most enlightening days an I have learned alot about myself and why I want to make this journey. I truly, maybe naively, think that we could provide Health Care to every one with the tools that are already in place. I also strongly feel that I could help to make a difference, that darn WHY CAN’T I thing keeps coming back to mind.

I must be crazy, but if I put my dream out here the wind may pick it up and who knows how far it could travel. #helpmegettoTEDtalks

Thank you Dr Shin :  ) Dr.Shin

Day 3 Who Is TED and whats this all about

27 Jun

Ladies and Gentlemen the number 1 asked question among my followers is what is TED closely followed by whats this all about. I have come to find out just how important these questions are and an opportunity for me to let people know more about TED Talks http://www.ted.com/

I also find my loved ones asking why would U want to do this. As if some how my lack of advanced education,  would disqualify me or any one else being involved in important discussions about this small planet we live on. I wonder how many people feel they are not important enough or smart enough  to talk with thought leaders in any given field?

I recently watched a Ted Talk given by Amy Tan #AMYTAN :  ) http://www.amytan.net/ on the subject of how we create  http://www.ted.com/talks/amy_tan_on_creativity.html   Amy mentions something important, in a playful manner, that childhood Trauma leads to creativity and I completely agree. I also think that she is more serious about this then she lets the audience know.

I grew up with braces on my legs, a lack of ability to talk appropriately, and a home life filled with rage and insecurity. I have always had to learn to do things in different ways and to actively apply action to my ideas. When I had to learn how to think differently in order to play Baseball, or to learn or to write or to speak to others or to not get a beating. or to help another family member not get beat up, I honestly think my wiring is different.

I have always carried a question with me from my childhood, Why couldn’t I?, and it has defined me and although that sense sometimes is very distant. it is always there. I firmly believe that there was a reason that I came across my first TED Talk and that I immediately thought I had to get to TED talks. I just had to find a way.

So here I sit banging away at this keyboard!

and by the way WHY CAN’T I ? an TY Amy :  )