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What if ?

13 Jul


We can change Health Care forever !


Live short and Prosper

13 Jul


New study out indicates that Immigrants are not the healthy lot we thought they were.  I recently spoke with an er Doctor about a common issue that he faces; immigrants or what he thinks to be immigrants use the ER like Primary Care only they tend to come in with a list of issues. Many of their health issues could have been treated easily had they not waited. Many have chronic diseases such as Diabetes 2 and have never been treated. Many have respiratory issues that from xrays you get a feel that they are long standing.

I wonder how much it costs us to frighten immigrants, illegal or otherwise, into thinking that there is some reporting that goes on in Health Care. As far as I know I have never heard of any Doctor or staff reporting immigrants. I worked for an early childhood development program and we would see it all the time that immigrant families were hesitant to seek service for their children and even when service was rendered they often treated it to begin with, with mis-trust. This was double for the male head of house hold.

In this current political climate this problem is growing worse. I also believe that the money that outreach programs had for interpreters is long gone/ cut by many states. But I also wonder if there is something deeper here? Is this lack of outreach some sort of punishment or if immigrants are afraid to seek care is it somehow a way for our leaders to make it less likely some will stay.  I am sure no one on CNN will talk about healthcare in immigrant populations, but if we looked at this from a perspective of cost savings it is far cheaper to outreach and treat then it is to treat in an ER.


I believe that there are a number of  Health Care related issues that could be addressed right now and with far less money then what it costs us currently. Certainly Immigrants around the world face similar issues. These are not second class citizens! They were once our fathers and grandmothers and the people that bring life to a culture.

How do we heal Healthcare and should we have thought of prevention?

12 Jul

We seem to be able to point out the faults of medicine, but how can we help our providers and patients better prevent and treat disease states.


Noncompliance Costs

12 Jul

We can change this forever http://alignmap.com/noncompliance-fact-fiction/costs/

Health Care Now U see it, Now U don’t

4 Jul

I once read that Magic was the act of making people look one way as you are doing things another.
I sit here this morning thinking to myself that why is no one talking about the act of Health Care instead of a health care act ? I am not much on conspiracies, but I do wonder if there is a reason we are looking away from the core issue of Health Care?
Is patient care and treatment just hard to look at ?
Is Health Care just a dry Subject?
Is there power related to the access, quality, quantity of Health Care?

If it is established science that Prevention and proper care management results in the best outcomes, then why are we not directly talking about how to implement these measures?

Let’s say you are a multi billion Dollar/Euro company that profits from one particular medical procedure or from multiple medical procedures being performed. Is it good for business if patients no longer need that procedure due to prevention? Now lets say you are the Hospital or Surgery Center that these procedures are performed at. Is it in your interest for patients to not need those procedures as much? Now let say,,, I think you can see where I am heading.
If it is more profitable for you to be sick then guess what you will be more sick. Do you know how many Health Care Providers / Companies base practice decisions on the procedures that they can bill the most for and often involve the least amount of time per patient.
It is my wish that we could gather together TED and the day to day providers of health care and lock politics out of the discussion and talk frankly about the act of Health care and not the Affordable Health Care Act.